Unique Styles and Techniques For Defensive Boxing Tactics

Latest Update / Jun 24,2022

Boxing is a very nuanced combat sport. It has several layers that come into play in every single match. In the elite levels, the matches became a lot like human chess. The winning boxer is typically the person who is able to execute the game plan in a better way. So, it is vital to have the right defensive boxing tactics and strategies to be a great boxer. You must learn the basics when you are just starting out with your post-training. These boxing styles and techniques make the fundamentals and create your foundation for the sport. But this will only take you so far. You will have to take your skills to the next level. Then, you will have to study and apply the boxing styles and techniques in practice. This is more so if you plan to step into the ring and compete. You may have some ring time with you already. Then, it is time to increase the level of your game by a little.

In this article, you will get some defensive boxing tactics that will assist you in overcoming your rivals in professional matches. Knowing how and when to use them in matches can be the main difference between losing and winning. So, let us dive into the best defensive boxing tactics to enhance your skills in the sport of boxing.


Cutting off the ring is One of the Vital Defensive Boxing Tactics


This is the most vital tactic that can be used in the ring. This involves using your ring generalship and great footwork to take your rivals into some specific areas of the ring where you will have an advantage. This is more so along the ropes or in the corner. This will permit you to be able to execute your planned combinations successfully. You will not be chasing your rival all around the ring to execute the moves but connecting them purposefully. It may also happen that you may be fighting against a rival who keeps you out of your reach. Then, this tactic is great for those matches. Finding out how to cut off the ring is one of the main elements of victory. This technique needs a good deal of ring intelligence and anticipation. You will have to study how your rival is moving in the middle of a match. By finding out the movement strategy of your rival, you can then find out where he is planning the move next. This will help you cut off the ring by keeping yourself in the pathway of your rival and closing any possible points of escape. After you have trapped your rival along the ropes or cornered him, you can use your combinations as required. One of the best boxing styles and techniques out there.


Utilizing Your Range is One of the Most Effective Defensive Boxing Tactics


This is a very vital technique in the sport. There are a few variations of this technique. This includes having the capability to utilize the range to combat from a length. Another technique is having the capability to swiftly move into the close quarters of your rival to fight in the pocket. Being good in both styles is what you should seek. Both styles rely a lot on the usage of the jab in differing methods. When you jab from the outside, it prevents the rivals from getting in close. This is because you are picking them apart from range. Utilizing the jab as both a deterrent and a range-finder will assist this style is becoming a lot more effective. On the other hand, using the jab to do your work on the inside is also quite vital. Coupled with good footwork, you can jab your way towards being close to your rival, or move inside behind the combination you will unleash. In this scenario, the jab is used with the intention of causing damage. In all the matches, you are boxing from the outside or the inside. Thus, you should have the knowledge of both the variations of range. This is a crucial part of your boxing strategy.


Having Great Movement is Also Necessary


In all the scenarios, having better movement than your rival in the match gives you a good benefit. Typically, fighters with better movement can easily take care of their rivals. This is because they get the ability to move in and out of their range to dish out various methods of attack. They are also able to utilize their footwork to get out of danger. The movement drills in the sport are also quite vital. All the boxers should focus on trying to improve their footwork constantly. With the capability to go across the ring, and transition between defense and offense, you can put yourself in a good position to manipulate the match as you want. A good example of a boxer with great movement is the multi-division world champ Vasyl Lomachenko. His footwork is outstanding and is his main weapon. His ability to move around the space of his rivals is important for his success. Other good movement boxers include Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather, and Guillermo Rigondeaux. Prospective fighters should find out how these boxers move and how they utilize their movements to manipulate their rivals. You will then get an understanding of how great a benefit it is to have better movement than your rivals.


Walking Around is One of the Recommended Defensive Boxing Tactics


The amateur boxers typically take the benefit of constant movement to keep themselves calm and composed. But the professional boxers work around their opponents without any wasted movements. The professional boxers walk around the ring with a lot of confidence. They do not have to expend extra movement or energy in the ring. They can remain in a flat-footed position until they are required to move. Also, they have great head movement, enabling them to stay a little stationery if required. The most dangerous boxers can simply walk toward their rivals smoothly and calmly. They will get into close range, use their combinations, and take a few steps away after they are done. They do not panic and are always calm and collected. When you walk in the ring, it helps to keep your feet grounded and the center of gravity heavy. This helps the boxer sit down on their punches and preserve their stamina. This permits them to take part in some slinging rounds even at the fag end of the match.


Countering is One of the Most Important Defensive Boxing Tactics


Finally, a counterpunching strategy is used a lot in the sport. This is because it is very effective. The counterpunching style is considered to be an art form by many. When implemented in the right manner, it is a great joy to see in the ring and is a thing of beauty. It is incredible to have the right information regarding the correct counters to use in any scenario and the right awareness to pull them off when required. Counterpunching can be learned in the gym, and with a lot of practice, some of the combinations and counters can be etched into the muscle memory of the boxer. This will allow the boxers to lash out at some counters swiftly. In a few instances, it can also be done concurrently with your rival at the same time. It is also true that you should not rely a lot on your counterpunching. This is because it opens to door for the boxer to get outworked. This is because it will not work if you are just waiting for your rival to make their move. It will not work. This is because the tactic is not as effective against rivals who like to pick their own shots.

This is where you will have to use the jab. If you want to have a great counterpunching style, you must utilize the jab to set up the combinations. At the same time, learn about how to lay traps with your feints. This will help you bail your rivals into making mistakes you can capitalize on.




In this article, we have talked about the most important defensive boxing tactics and how you can use them to your advantage. When training for the sport, it is important for the boxer to find out the various boxing styles and techniques that can be used against different kinds of boxers.