Jesus Ramos vs. Luke Santamaria: A Junior Middleweight Fight

Latest Update / May 27,2022

The Jesus Ramos vs. Luke Santamaria junior middleweights fight will take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on May 28. Both the boxers are going to be a part of the undercard match between Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero. There will be some other championship belts fought on that night also. The Jesus Ramos vs. Luke Santamaria match will be for the junior middleweight division. Ramos started his professional boxing career four years ago. He has won more than fourteen of his previous seventeen professional matches through knockout. Ramos defeated Vladimir Hernandez via technical knockout in his previous match nearly four months ago. Santamaria started his professional career eight years ago. He tasted his first loss in the initial stages of his professional career itself. After that, he had an unbeaten streak of more than nine matches. He is now on a winning streak of a couple of matches. He defeated Abel Ramos four months ago for the WBC Continental welterweight championship belt.


Santamaria said, “I’m daring to be great in this fight. That’s the main reason I agreed to fight Ramos. I’ve shown that I’m willing to compete against anyone because I believe in my training and abilities. This is going to be a great fight for the fans, and I can’t wait to step in there on May 28.” Ramos said, “Life has changed a lot. I feel like I’ve matured. The journey that I have taken to get me where I’m at has made me a more mature person and twenty-one-year-old. I feel better and stronger (referring to the new weight class). My training has gotten a lot better because, at 147, I would stop training two weeks out in order to start cutting the weight. Now, we are still going strong and making the weight easy. We are not stressed about it. The weird part was that it was easy to get to 151, but those last four pounds were really hard. I was struggling, so we decided that I needed to go to 154 because my body wouldn’t go down to 147 anymore.”


Ramos is Ready for Jesus Ramos vs. Luke Santamaria Fight


Jesus Ramos lives in Casa Grande, Arizona. He has the lineage of a boxing family because his father is his trainer and his uncle Abel Ramos is presently a professional boxer in the welterweight division with more than twenty-six wins to his name. Ramos Jr. has been a good contender at welterweight. But he was not able to maintain the weight required for the division. This led him to make a move up to junior middleweight. The boxer swiftly secured a place for himself in his former division. So, it was obvious that the fanfare and the hype would follow him when he changed his weight division. Along with handling more mature fighters, he also had to deal with the separation from his girlfriend for some time since she is presently a member of the Marine Corps. But that has now ended this year because she was able to change her station back to Arizona. Right now, the boxer is in Las Vegas, Nevada. The training camp required for the Jesus Ramos vs. Luke Santamaria junior middleweights fight has not always been there for the boxer.


He had to start training in the high altitudes of Colorado and play around with the idea of training at his own home in Casa Grande, Arizona. The boxer and his entire squad decided to split their allotted time for the present training camp. Most of the focus came from the time that they had spent in Las Vegas. Since the visibility and the stakes were higher for the Jesus Ramos vs. Luke Santamaria junior middleweights fight, the boxer has taken in the experienced strength and conditioning trainer Larry Wade. The trainer has worked with former world titleholders like Caleb Plant and Shawn Porter. The high level of training also comes from the information that his rival in the match went against his uncle four months ago. He defeated his uncle by unanimous decision. Thus, there is a sense of revenge for the boxer while getting ready for this match. The training has now been totally completed. We are well within the sphere of the fight week. The boxer has also mentioned the expectations that people have from him for the Jesus Ramos vs. Luke Santamaria fight who have never seen him fight in any match before.


Ramos said, “My girlfriend was able to move back to Arizona, and she has been really supportive of me. I’m in Vegas for training camp, and it’s never easy, especially for her, my mom, siblings, and the rest of my family. They are with me during these tough times and the journey. Training out in Las Vegas has been going great so far. We’ve had some great sparring out here. We expect Santamaria to move around the entire fight, so we’re going to be ready to cut the ring off and land heavy shots. I’m going to win on May 28 because of the preparation I’ve been doing. Still, I’m not underestimating anyone and will prepare to the best ability. We did three weeks in Casa Grande and the other five here in Vegas. We felt like we were back home; there were a lot of distractions. It wasn’t anything necessarily bad, it's just that you have family inviting you to cookouts and staying up late. There are other worries, but we have great sparring here in Vegas.


"All we do is box and train. Afterward, we come home, rest, go back for a training session, rest, and then go back for some more. We work out three times a day, so there isn’t much else to do but train and rest, which is how it should be when preparing for a fight. He is a tough fighter and beat my uncle by the decision I disagreed with. I felt like my uncle did more and landed more power shots. That’s in the past, now, I have to fight him, and I am ready for whatever he brings to the table. I feel like he is chewing off more than he can handle because I’m a lot bigger than my uncle, and he (Omar) is a small welterweight. Right now, we are concentrating on Luke Santamaria and May 28th. If all goes well, I want to stay active and look to fight four times this year. So, two more this year or three, but that might push it. We don’t fight as often since we have tougher opponents, which means tougher training camps, so we have to slow things down. Don’t miss this fight and card. This fight has a good story as he beat my uncle, and now I’m coming for revenge. Luke Santamaria is a good fighter, and I hope he is training to the best of his abilities so that we can give the fans a good show.”


Jesus Ramos vs. Luke Santamaria Junior Middleweights Fight Statistics



Jesus Ramos


Luke Santamaria

Pro Record At Fight






 United States



 United States

Fighting Out Of

Casa Grande, Arizona



Garden, Grove, California, United States

Age At Fight

21 years, 2 months, 3 weeks



24 years, 5 months, 2 weeks, 6 days

Latest Weight






5'10" (178cm)



5'8" (173cm)


72.0" (183cm)



69.0" (175cm)


Jesus Ramos vs. Luke Santamaria Junior Middleweights Fight Card


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Erislandy Lara vs. Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan for Lara’s WBA (regular) Middleweight title

Jesus Ramos vs. Luke Santamaria; Junior Middleweight

Eduardo Ramirez vs. Luis Melendez; Junior Lightweight



It is going to be an exciting night with the match between Jesus Ramos and Luke Santamaria. Another one of the main matches on the undercard of that night will be between Erislandy Lara and Gary O’Sullivan. That match will be for the WBA middleweight championship belt.