Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero Fight: All The Key Details

Latest Update / May 26,2022

The Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero match will see both the boxers settle all their issues inside the ring at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on May 28. Davis will put the WBA lightweight championship belt on stake against his rival in the match. The bout will be the culmination of a bitter rivalry. The match was initially going to happen the previous year. But Romero pulled out from the match because of an allegation of sexual assault against him. Davis went to win against Isaac Cruz by unanimous decision. This is because the legal issues of Romero were being sorted out. There were no charges filed against him. So, the Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero match was back on the cards. Since then, the conversation between both the boxers has been continuous. Davis is one of the swiftest rising stars of the sport. He has a record of more than twenty-five wins and no losses. He also has more than twenty-three knockouts to his name.


Romero is looking to put down Davis and show that he is the sport's next big star. Both boxers have said they will knock the other out in the Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero match. Looking back at their respective boxing careers, it is probable that one of them may prove right in their claim. But what should be the best for this match? Davis is a big favorite to win this match. Romero is a major underdog.


Expert Prediction for Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero


There is no doubt in any fan's mind that Davis is the favorite to win the upcoming Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero match. He passes the tests by a wide margin. There are fans that may question the pedigree of his rival in the match. Romero is unrefined and wild. This will give Davis a lot of chances to put him down with his great power. But given the high odds that have Davis as the favorite, there is no value in betting on Davis to get the victory in this match. Fans will have to go in a little deeper to get some value from their bets. Romero has shown great power in thirteen matches in his short professional boxing career. But he has managed to defeat only a couple of rivals within the match span. But there are a lot of queries surrounding him at this stage of his professional career. He has seen a great stoppage victory against Anthony Yigit. But his rival had not fought in the past couple of years before going into that match. He also had never beaten any notable boxer. Also, many fans had questioned the decision to award him the victory.


The only other quality boxer that Romero has faced is Jackson Marinez. But Romeo could not overcome the challenge of Marinez. But the former IBF lightweight title holder Richard Commey was able to knock out Marinez later in the middle rounds itself. There are several styles that mesh together worse or better than the others. But the main issue is that Davis is much better than his rival in the Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero match. He will cause a lot of problems for his rival as the match continues. But that will only happen if Davis allows the match to drag to the final rounds. This is where the fans can get value in the sportsbook. There is a lot of bad blood between both the boxers. There have been insults hurled at each other at a swift pace. Romero has tried to get under the skin of his rival. But that has led Davis to initiate his own ending to the trash talk. There is also another external factor that this will be the final fight of Davis under the banner of Mayweather Promotions. This means that he will attempt to end on the highest note. 


Fans think that he will not want Romero to last till the end of this match. Romeo is quite tough. But he has not gone against a rival whose speed and power are equal to what Davis has. Romero has only fanned the flames for his rival to go out there and knock him out. Romero might think that he is getting into the head of his rival. But the issue is that his erratic and wild punches leave him open for a lot of counterpunches by rivals. Davis will not want to waste any of those chances. Fans can get some value on their bets by betting that Davis will win by knockout. But even that is a little complex. You can go for some prop bets that need you to choose the round or a range of rounds where Davis is likely to end the bout. Most of the knockouts initiated by Davis have happened in the initial rounds themselves. But the last time he knocked out a rival was three years ago against Ricardo Nunes. Before that, he knocked out his rival in the final round, another in the penultimate round, and another in the middle rounds. But it can be said that Romero is not as big of a boxer as any of those stars. 


What Did Gervonta Davis And Rolando Romero Say? 


Gervonta Davis said, "We're ready, and we've been in camp. We saw how he choked up when the lights were in his face. We'll see how he reacts when everyone is cheering against him on fight night. Some people are made to do it, and some people just talk their way through it. We know what we're coming here to do on May 28. Under the bright lights, we'll see what this guy brings on fight night. I had to walk through the door when it was time and become the man. Come fight night, it's time to step up to that plate."

Rolando Romero said, "I think 'Tank' is an amazing fighter, but this is going to be the easiest fight of my career. It's going to say a lot about my legacy when I knock him out.' Tank' gets punched a lot. I think he's going to run right into something big. I've always been underrated. On May 28, you're going to see my ring IQ on display. He's the best fighter at 135 pounds, and he'd be the best if he were at 130 pounds. It doesn't matter to me, though. I know what I'm capable of."


Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero World Lightweight Championship Stats



Rolando Romero

Gervonta Davis




KOS (KO %)

12 (85.71%)

24 (92.31%)


135 lbs (61.36 kg)

134.5 lbs (61.14 kg)


5'8" (1.73 m)

5'5½" (1.66 m)


68" (173 cm)

67½" (171 cm)





Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero World Lightweight Championship Fight Card


Main Event: Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero – WBA lightweight title

Erislandy Lara vs. Gary O'Sullivan – WBA middleweight title

Jesus Alejandro Ramos vs Lucas Santamaria

Eduardo Ramirez vs Luis Melendez



The power and speed of Davis are quite high. His talent is higher than his rival in the Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero match. When you factor in the trash talk between the two, it is looking likely that Davis will end the match in the middle rounds itself. But Davis is not going to kid around with his rival because Romero is quite robust and has a dangerous punch with him. Davis will look to accelerate from the start of the match itself and give a knockout in the initial rounds itself. Romero has not faced any rival that has the speed and power that Davis has.