Attacking Tactics In Boxing To Advance Your Strengths

Latest Update / Jun 24,2022

Training is vital in all martial arts and their forms. This is more so in boxing, where a lot of the success of the boxer is dependent on their ability to execute the tactics properly in the ring. It is a very physical sport in the ring. The boxer who is conditioned in a better way ends up snatching the win. This is why the best boxers practically reside in the boxing gym. Being in great condition and mastering all the techniques sets one up for success in the sport. But there is a lot more to the sport than just training hard. In this particular sport, there are a lot of strategies involved also. It is well worth your time to work on the strategies related to boxing as much as one would work on their conditioning. That is why learning attacking tactics in boxing becomes that much more important. Advanced boxing tactics in the ring is not an easy task. A lot of thought goes into preparing the strategies required for a match.

Most professional boxers at the highest levels of boxing spend a lot of time plotting their plans before getting into the ring. The capability to keep switching between the techniques in the middle of the fight is a wonderful characteristic. Thus, you must be flexible in how you keep improving and honing your skills. But how do you start to do that? A few simple attacking tactics in boxing can be incorporated into your training. But the prerequisite is that you must be in the right condition to execute the required strategies. Depending on the type of boxer you are and the skills you have in training, these strategies will assist you in putting together a great performance. This article will give you the common attacking tactics in boxing that can be added to your skill set today.


Anchoring Your Weight to the Mat While Punching


A great is what it takes to knock your rival out. But knowing how to generate the required power in your punches is important. This can be done by sitting down on the punches that you deliver. This refers to trying to pin your body weight downwards and to the base of the feet when you are punching. This gives stability and power to the punches. Boxers who are not professional move a lot during the match. This decreases any firm grip that they could have had on the ground. This is why their strikes are not very hardcore. The punches would have a lot more power by keeping a balance in momentum and weight, a good grip on the ground, and knowing the center of gravity. Keeping your weight on the mat does not mean that you should sacrifice your agility. In the beginning, you will lose your ability to move quickly because of the requirement to sink your weight. So, you will be required to practice several drills to master the power of your shots while not compromising on the speed. A great core stabilizes the center of gravity required for damaging punches. But you will be required to transfer your power from your foundation by sitting down on the punches. This is only possible by creating a strong core. This is one of the required attacking tactics in boxing.


Attack from Several Angles is One of the Top Attacking Tactics in Boxing


One error committed by boxers is moving in straight lines in the back or front direction or on the sides. The motions of boxers should be multi-directional to assist them in escaping out of range quickly or getting into the range of the rival. The elite boxers have multiple angles of attacks and motion. They never go in straight lines. Even if they are in motion in a linear plane, their attacks can happen from various directions. They can give a jab to the diagonal, left, or right. They can give a right hook to down, up, or even under it. One thing that everyone should remember is to not move linearly backward after delivering a combo. You may think that you are now out of reach and will not get hit. But this can make you open to an attack by your rival. To avoid such a situation, you should end your combos at an angle.


Using A Lead Blow is One of the Useful Attacking Tactics in Boxing


The usage of one blow to finish the match is a great method to some extent. But jab is a more useful tool in your arsenal. You should strike with a lead punch before the jab and attempt to form a connection between the attacks. You should practice launching your lead punches with the right energy and speed. You should select the best punch to throw as a leading punch. The right hand is seen as the top option for a lead strike. It is a swift blow to the middle, which your rival will not expect and will shock him. It is not easy to anticipate because it happens very quickly. The elements that affect the punching power of the right hand in this move are the technique and the position. The boxer should be in the right position before striking a lead punch. You are not required to be a lot out of the range. But you should not be too close to your opponent also. Another point to keep in mind is that your right hand must be launched from the area of your pelvis. You should try not to slope your elbow because it reduces the strike's power.


Do Not Move Too Much


The newbies in the sport tend to move a lot. This constant motion helps them to stay calm and subtle. But professional boxers do not need to do that a lot to bring their opponent down. The professionals move in the ring gracefully without any hassle. They do not waste their power and energy on useless movements. They remain low on their feet until they are required to move. They should remain stationary by having great movement of their head. These boxers approach their boxing greatly, launch their strikes with only a few movements, and put down their rivals. Such calm movement in the ring helps the boxer stand firmly on the ground. This helps maintain the center of gravity, and you can sit down on the punches to give more powerful punches while keeping your stamina.


Make Right Contact With Rivals


You should keep your opponent busy by keeping in contact with them. You should not give them a moment to calm down or rest. The elite boxers keep making contact with their opponents using a combination of punches. The right amount of aggression is also a major element in getting a win in high-level matches. You should not wait for your rival to strike a blow. You must take the initiative and go for the punch. You must ensure that each punch you throw is good enough. It is also one of the attacking tactics in boxing to make contact with your rival. You can give him false anticipation regarding a punch or distract him. You can even touch them to trigger a response. You can also try to touch your opponent when you are in defense. This can distract them from their hitting rhythms. You can also try to touch their glove guards. This can make them vulnerable, and they can be approached for a body shot.




The attacking tactics in boxing are required because the sport is a combat bout with many types of fights in each match. A professional boxing match can only be won by the right tactics and strategies. When you are just starting out, the basic principles of boxing are taught to the students to create their foundation of the sport. The lessons given to beginner boxers are not good enough to fight in an actual match. To reach the professional level, a person must find many techniques and have a plan of action. The boxer has to then practice these techniques so that they can step in the ring and compete. If you have a professional capacity for a match, you must go for the advanced boxing tactics.