Rising Stars: Super Bantamweight Boxers Making Waves

Author: yashovardhan sharma on Oct 19,2023
Blog / Oct 19,2023


In the realm of boxing, where agility meets power and technique, the super bantamweight division stands as one of the most intriguing categories. With a limit set at 122 pounds (or 55.3 kilograms), fighters in this division have consistently showcased a harmonious blend of speed, ferocity, and precision. The division boasts a mix of seasoned champions and surging contenders. Here, we'll dive into the luminaries of this division, laying out the top names that were setting the pace in the super bantamweight class.

The Top Super Bantamweight Boxers

Murodjon Akhmadaliev - The Rising Star from Uzbekistan: With an impressive record of 9 wins and no losses, with 7 of those victories coming by way of knockout, Murodjon Akhmadaliev has solidified his place among the elites. Hailing from Uzbekistan, his transition from a decorated amateur career to the professional scene has been nothing short of meteoric. In only his eighth professional bout, Akhmadaliev demonstrated his championship mettle by defeating Daniel Roman. That victory earned him the prestigious WBA and IBF titles, setting him on a trajectory to be one of the division's defining fighters. He has also trained hard for his punching and boxing powers.

Stephen Fulton Jr. - America's Defensive Maestro: Stephen Fulton Jr. brings a style that's often described as a blend of art and science. His record, standing at 19-0 with 8 KOs, is a testament to his ring intelligence and adaptability. In January 2021, Fulton put the boxing world on notice with a masterclass against Angelo Leo. This encounter saw him capturing the WBO super bantamweight belt. His penchant for dodging punches and returning fire with impeccable timing has made him not just a champion, but also a favorite among boxing purists.

Luis Nery - Mexico's Power Puncher: Representing the storied lineage of Mexican warriors, Luis Nery is a force that combines raw power with relentless aggression. With 31 wins and just a single loss, with a whopping 24 victories coming by knockout, Nery's reputation precedes him. Though he encountered a setback against Brandon Figueroa, losing his WBC title, it's his ferocious style and knockout power that ensure he remains a top draw in the division.

Brandon Figueroa - The Heartbreaker's Rise: If there's one name that has been on the lips of boxing enthusiasts, it's Brandon Figueroa. Nicknamed "The Heartbreaker", he has a record that's as impressive as his fighting style: 22 wins, 0 losses, and 1 draw. His most notable victory came against the aforementioned Luis Nery, where he showcased resilience and tactical brilliance to claim the WBC title. His combination of height, reach advantage, and volume punching makes him a daunting challenge for any fighter in the division.

Daniel Roman - The Crafty Veteran: Though Daniel Roman faced a setback against Murodjon Akhmadaliev, losing his unified titles, his record and experience speak volumes. With 28 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw, Roman has faced a who's who in the division, amassing a wealth of experience. Known for his technical prowess and ability to break down opponents over rounds, Roman remains a formidable presence in the super bantamweight division with little or no long-term boxing injuries.

Ryosuke Iwasa - The Japanese Prodigy: Hailing from the land of the rising sun, Ryosuke Iwasa is not just Japan's pride but also a major contender in the super bantamweight class. With a record that reflects his dedication and skill - 27 wins and 3 losses - Iwasa has become synonymous with discipline and precision. Having held the IBF title in the past, Iwasa's southpaw stance and sharp counter-punching have troubled many of his opponents. His resilience and drive showed no signs of waning.

Ronny Rios - The Californian Threat: Representing Santa Ana, California, Ronny Rios has steadily built a reputation as one of the toughest fighters in the division. His record, boasting 33 wins against 3 losses, is a testament to his consistency in the ring. A pressure fighter by nature, Rios' style is all about pushing his opponents, breaking their rhythm, and capitalizing on their mistakes. With key wins against notable names, Rios remains a significant player in the super bantamweight landscape.

The Beauty of this Division is in its Depth

To provide a perspective, while these five boxers have been making significant waves, the beauty of the super bantamweight division lies in its depth. With fighters from all corners of the globe bringing diverse styles and strategies to the squared circle, it remains one of the most dynamic and unpredictable divisions in boxing. The trajectory of the super bantamweight division is not just about titles and victories; it is a testament to the spirit of boxing. The sheer diversity of fighting styles, backgrounds, and narratives makes it abundantly clear that boxing, much like life, is about the journey as much as it is about the destination. The boxers are taking better care of their fitness, with various options such as rowing, running, and kickboxing training. With each punch thrown and every bell rung, these fighters wrote their chapters in the annals of boxing history, ensuring that the super bantamweight division will be remembered for years to come.


The super bantamweight division presents a thrilling tableau of seasoned champions, rising stars, and fierce contenders. Each fighter brings a unique narrative and style to the table, ensuring that fans are always on the edge of their seats. As the years progress, the stage is set for further confrontations, title unifications, and unexpected twists in the tale of the 122-pound warriors. Looking ahead, the super bantamweight division is primed for more excitement. The mix of seasoned fighters, combined with young guns eager to prove their mettle, promised fireworks. Challenges awaited, rivalries intensified, and the hunt for unification and glory is very much alive.