Welterweight Warriors: Exploring Boxing's Elite Division

Latest Update / Oct 27,2023

The welterweight division, traditionally ranging from 140 to 147 pounds, has been the home of many boxing legends over the decades. From Sugar Ray Leonard to Floyd Mayweather Jr., the division has showcased some of the sport's most memorable moments and personalities. The welterweight landscape continues to flourish with talent, intrigue, and compelling storylines.

The Present Rankings

1. Terence Crawford
2. Errol Spence Jr
3. Jaron Ennis
4. Vergil Ortiz Jr
5. Eimantas Stanionis

The Dominant Forces of Past and Present

Several fighters have made considerable marks on the welterweight division in the recent past:

1. Terence "Bud" Crawford: As of this time, Crawford remained an undefeated powerhouse in the division. His versatility, impeccable ring IQ, and finishing ability made him one of the most feared boxers in the sport. Holding the WBO welterweight title, Crawford consistently voiced his desire to unify the division, aiming at the other big names to solidify his legacy.

2. Errol "The Truth" Spence Jr.: Another dominant force in the welterweight division, Spence held the IBF and WBC titles. Known for his punishing body shots and relentless pressure, Spence had carved out a reputation as a boxer who could brawl and box with equal efficacy. A unification bout against Crawford was one of the most anticipated matchups by fans and pundits alike.

3. Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao: Even in his 40s, the Filipino legend was a force to be reckoned with. Having faced a who's who of boxing legends throughout his storied career, Pacquiao took on some of the best welterweights of the era, including a memorable bout against Keith Thurman. In 2021, he faced Yordenis Ugas in a battle for the WBA title.

The Contenders and Rising Stars

Beyond the champions, the welterweight division boasts a plethora of talent eager to make their mark:

1. Yordenis Ugas: The Cuban boxer Ugas, who had previously been overlooked by many, came into prominence with his technical skills and dogged determination. After being elevated to WBA 'Super' champion, Ugas faced and defeated Manny Pacquiao in 2021, solidifying his place among the welterweight elite. He has also had a memorable match against Errol Spence Jr.

2. Shawn Porter: Known for his aggressive style and relentless work rate, Porter is a former two-time welterweight champion who always delivered action-packed fights. His resume includes clashes with the likes of Thurman, Garcia, Spence, and Ugas.

3. Keith "One Time" Thurman: While injuries kept him less active in recent years, Thurman's blend of power and boxing skills make him a standout in the division. His bouts against Porter, Garcia, and Pacquiao are a testament to his elite status.

4. Jaron "Boots" Ennis: A name that is fast-rising in boxing circles, Ennis was touted as the future of the welterweight division. With blistering speed, power, and a skill set that seemed beyond his years, Ennis is on a trajectory toward a world title shot.

Matchups and Storylines

One of the aspects that make the welterweight division so intriguing is the potential matchups. The boxing world was abuzz with the possibility of a Crawford-Spence unification bout. Such a clash would not only decide the undisputed welterweight champion but also have significant implications for pound-for-pound rankings. Similarly, the younger crop of welterweights, like Ennis and Vergil Ortiz Jr., is inching closer to title shots, setting the stage for a changing of the guard in the coming years. Manny Pacquiao's career trajectory has been another major storyline over the recent years, which came to a head against Floyd Mayweather Jr. The eight-division world champion's bout against Ugas might have been one of his final outings, and the boxing world watched with bated breath to see if he could once again defy Father Time.

The Global Impact

The welterweight division's appeal is not confined to any specific region; it has a global resonance. While American fighters like Crawford and Spence have been major draws in the U.S., Manny Pacquiao continues to be an international icon even after retirement, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Similarly, Ugas carried the hopes of the Cuban boxing tradition, which has always been renowned for producing technical maestros. The business side of boxing plays a significant role in shaping the welterweight landscape. Promotional outfits like Top Rank, PBC, and Matchroom have their stakes in the division, and the politics of boxing sometimes plays a part in making or delaying potential super fights. Streaming platforms and networks like DAZN, ESPN, and FOX have become pivotal in broadcasting these bouts, reaching millions of viewers worldwide and ensuring the sport's growth.

Women in Welterweight

While the men's welterweight division often took center stage, it's worth noting the women's division's growth. Fighters like Jessica McCaskill made waves, showcasing that the intensity, skill, and drama in the welterweight class are not just a male prerogative. The increasing recognition of female boxers signals a positive shift towards inclusivity in the sport.

Challenges Ahead

While the welterweight division thrived, it was not without its challenges. The politics of cross-promotional fights, mandatory challengers, and the occasional controversial decision reminded fans of the sport's intricacies and imperfections. There was a growing clamor for the best to fight the best, sidestepping the bureaucratic hurdles. The welterweight division is a blend of established champions, hungry contenders, and rising stars. With each fight, the landscape has the potential to shift dramatically. Whether it is the quest for undisputed status, the rise of the next big star, or the final chapters of a legendary career, the welterweight division continues to be one of boxing's most dynamic and captivating weight classes.


The welterweight division upholds the rich tradition of this weight class, ensuring that fans have no shortage of drama, skill, and heart to witness. As the future unfolds, it's almost guaranteed that this division will continue to produce fights and fighters worth watching.