7 Legendary Fighters & their Boxing Techniques

Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 26,2021
History / May 26,2021

There have been many legendary fighters in the past who have made us feel that unparalleled excitement. Without any doubt, boxing is one of the most thrilling sports ever. From being a combat sport to becoming a challenging workout, boxing has evolved as a multi-billion dollar industry today. Boxers like “Prince” Naseem Hamed, Manny Pacquiao, and Mohammad Ali had helped us understand that Boxing is much more than just throwing & playing those spectacular moves around the ring. 


Boxing is the perfect combination of workouts that builds muscles, discipline you, release stress, & make you ready for self-defense. And, from some of our favorite fighters & their Boxing Techniques, we can figure out how boxing is not just a heart-pounding spectacle. 


Once Mohammad Ali, formerly called Cassius Clay, was asked, “what is his strategy to approaching the bout with Sonny Liston, the heavyweight champion?” Ali answered, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” This was one of his famous statements that inspire many today— what he said was more than any of the popular Boxing Techniques.


Let’s dive a little deeper and know about some of the greatest fighters from the past, their Boxing Techniques, and how they have inspired generations:


1. Prince Naseem Hamed



Prince Naseem Hamed had had an illustrious career, and his Boxing Techniques were spectacular. Naseem Hamed’s boxing techniques & moves were much talked about inside or outside the ring. His moves frightened his opponents every time he entered the ring. When we speak of the head movement, there is no other than the British Legend whose magical moves run across in front of our eyes. Without an iota of doubt, Naseem Hamed is one name in Boxing history, who has taken the head movement to another level. In the very beginning, when you start learning the sport, Protecting your head is one of the basic boxing techniques that is taught. His successful experiments with the head movement made his contemporaries pose questions to conventional wisdom. Whether he was in or out of the rin, his footwork, crazy theatrics, and unbelievable head movement stunned all. 


2. Muhammad Ali



Muhammad Ali was one of those legendary fighters whose quirky moves and sui generis boxing techniques surprised his contemporaries every time he entered the ring. G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Times), that’s what he was called— for his slick boxing techniques, incredible moves, and the charisma that he created in every fight he took on. It was his penchant for showmanship that made him look so unique every time he entered the boxing ring. Ali so beautifully combined his natural ability to take on his opponent with his natural reflexes — and that made him one of the most charismatic fighters in the history of boxing. Moreover, his charming personality outside the ring was no different than his boxing techniques— it was always a joy to watch Ali inside or outside the ring. 


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3. Bernard Hopkins



Bernard Hopkins was nicknamed the “The Executioner” and for obvious reasons. He actively played the sport from 1988 to 2016— it was when he entertained his fans with some unique boxing techniques. In his career span of 28 years, Hopkins made a name as one of the toughest boxers in the sport’s history. The living legend is often remembered for his boxing techniques that pertained to moving the right piece at the right moment in the right way, much like in the game of chess. Bernard’s unwavering focus on the sport, his tremendous willpower practicing countless hours— was commendable & rare. Bernard Hopkins won the IBF middleweight title and became the first in boxing to have won the championship for all the four major boxing sanctioning entities.


4. Manny Pacquiao



Without any doubt, Manny Pacquiao is one of the biggest names in the history of boxing— he is often referenced as one who brought storm inside the ring every time he took on a fight. Pacquiao was the first boxer to have won 10 world titles across eight divisions. He was labeled ‘Fighter of the Decade’ during the 2000s. Pacquiao’s boxing techniques have always been unique throughout his career— he was just harder to predict, quick like the wind, and uncompromising when it came to his game. Some of his most popular boxing techniques include head movement, use of feints, straight left punch, right hook roll under, and more. Pacquiao was one of the most loved of his generations. 


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5. “Iron” Mike Tyson



“Iron” Mike Tyson, the legendary fighter, was known for his iconic punches that are rare! The heavyweight champion is undoubtedly one of the most illustrious knockout boxers of all time. At the end of his career, he created 50 wins, and not very surprisingly, 44 of this came from knockouts. For his superior skills during his fights, Tyson became the star of the ’80s and early ’90s. For someone with a caliber to have been nicknamed “Iron” Mike Tyson, it not too surprising to believe that his opponents would be dreadful of getting inside the ring. Tyson’s enormous fists and giant personality would defeat many of them even before stepping onto the canvas. He was one of the spectacular combinations of the unbridled power, and blistering speed— that combination came alive with the sprinkle of his wildness inside the ring. There have been arguments on several occasions about Tyson being the greatest heavyweight champion for his unique boxing techniques & moves.


6. Sugar Ray Robinson



You will hear the name of Walker Smith Jr., aka Sugar Ray Robinson, from many boxing fans— when asked about the most prominent pound-for-pound fighter. Beginning his amateur boxing career by obtaining an AAU membership card using his friend’s birth certificate, he rose to become one of the popular household names in boxing. He was too curious that he kicked off his career at the age of 15 instead of the legal age of 18. And, the day, one of the ladies from the audience calling him “Sweet as sugar “ was nicknamed as “Sugar” Ray Robinson. It was Robinson’s wonderful combination of power, speed, and boxing techniques that brought him an 85-0 record that includes 69 knockouts. From 1939-40, he became a Golden Gloves featherweight championships back-to-back. “Pound for pound” dubbing, a sentiment that is still alive — came from his unique ability to cross weight classes. 


7. Oscar De La Hoya



Oscar De La Hoya started practicing boxing at the young age of 5. With his unique boxing techniques & styles, he forayed into the world of professional boxing and very soon establish a reputation for himself. Oscar De La Hoya won titles in six different classes, from super featherweight to lightweight and lightweight. Out of the 45 matches that he played during his career, he won 39 & lost six of them. The most special of his boxing techniques was a combination of punching. The accuracy with his punches & his hand speed was just outstanding. Oscar De La Hoya’s barrage of shots dreaded his opponents and put them on the defensive. It was a jaw-dropping experience to watch him launch bombs in the boxing ring.