Basic Boxing Techniques For The Beginners: Fight Like A Pro!

Fitness / Feb 14,2021

To master the mechanics of boxing, beginners should always start with the basic punches, combinations, and exercises. If you want to start your boxing journey, we will teach you the basics. Here in this article, we have covered basic techniques that will help you master the art of boxing.

Basic Boxing Moves To Learn


Boxing might seem fun to a lot of people, but it is not the reality. It requires a lot of exercise and training to learn the right techniques before going out for an actual fight. Are you curious to learn about boxing? If yes, you must start with the basics. Following are given 4 basic boxing techniques that you must start with. Always remember- No matter at what level you are, it's always helpful to brush up on the basics. 

1. Uppercut


The uppercut is one of the most crucial punch techniques in boxing. This punch travels in a vertical direction at a 90° angle. It is performed both from the left hand and right hand. The uppercut is a dangerous punch that is thrown for close-range encounters. This technique is a traditional boxing movement that is great for beginners. Using this punching technique, you can destabilize the opponent and drain away all of their strength. Uppercut punch is thrown at the head and the body. Such technique is more powerful when applied right in the chin of the opponent. Doing so, the opponent will go down and will not be able to throw the defense punches. 

2. Hook


This is a middle-range punching technique that helps the boxers to throw the hardest punches. The Hook is used for delivering semi-circular punches in which the leading hand is usually on the face of the opponent. In boxing, the hook is usually considered for devastating punches. One of its variations called lead hook is unarguably the powerful punching technique amongst all others. Practicing this technique helps the boxers in boosting their knockout potential. The reason behind the power of the punches is the less and compact distance. Boxers should use the technique when the opponent is in close or middle proximity. For enhancing the power of the punches both left and right hooks should be combined together. This technique seems simple, but it takes a lot to throw the right hook punch.

3. Cross


Another perfect knockout punching technique is Cross. It is a straight punch that is directly thrown at the shoulder of the opponent. In this technique, the punch travels across the boxer’s body with the pivot of the back foot and rotation of hips and torso. With the engagement of the whole body, such punches become more powerful. In performing the cross technique, boxers have to overextend their arms which makes this punch beneficial as a follow-up to the jab and other punches. When such punches are thrown correctly, a loud noise comes up which tells about the power of this technique. In the cross, the upper body moves closer to the opponent and the punch moves right from the chin and travels to the opponent in a straight line. 

4. Jab


Jab is a lead straight punch and one of the most essential in boxing. While throwing these punches, the opponent is usually kept to the edge of the ring, and Jabs are thrown on a continuous basis. It is usually thrown from the non-dominant shoulder. Boxers prefer to use this technique for measuring the opponent’s distance as well as for setting up the different punching combinations. It is usually a fast punch and thrown with relaxation. With the use of not just the elbows but also the shoulders, these punches become more powerful. Unlike other punching techniques, it is a long-range punch and is used with an aim of keeping the opponents away. Although is not as exciting as other punching techniques, it is definitely the most useful one. 

Basic Defense Techniques For The Boxers


With a sound defense, victory becomes much simpler. Using a great defense discourages the rival to launch their successful attacks which in return helps the boxers to take over their opponent. Learning a great defense is a vital part of the boxer’s training. To learn the best defense, every boxer must start with the basics. Although there are numerous techniques available, we have picked the best 4 for you. 

1. Slipping


Amongst all the defense techniques, it is considered to be the most skillful. In this, two different actions are performed at the same time. First, boxers have to bend their waist towards the lower upper body. Simultaneously, boxers have to move their torso and bring their back shoulder closer to their front knee. Using this technique in the right way leads the opponent to miss entirely which helps the boxers to encounter or escape without any interference. It is usually used when the opponents are delivering fast punches. In boxing, it is an essential form of head movement and makes the boxer tougher to get hit. By using the slipping technique, the opponents get irritated as they won’t get the chance to land their punches. 

2. Bobbing and Weaving


It is an essential technique to be used for defense in boxing. In Bobbing and weaving, head movements are the basis. The heads move in various directions both upward and downward, and side to side. With the formation of different patterns, it becomes difficult for the opponents to pin down the boxer. With the arrival of the punch from the opponent, the boxer has to bend down on the knees immediately and move the body in different directions. In this technique, the boxer becomes erratic and tougher to be hit by the opponent. If bobbing and weaving are executed in the right manner, it will interrupt the rhythm of the opponent and will make them out of the game completely. 

3. Parrying


A tremendous weapon to defend in the game of boxing is a rightly executed parry. This technique is like blocking the opponent but is a little different as in it the boxer pushes away with the hands. Boxers use parrying for distracting the incoming attack and taking away the power of the opponent's hard punches. It is more of using the momentum of the opponent against themselves. With the arrival of the opponent’s punch, the boxer has to throw a sharp and open-handed punch to the wrist and forearm of the opponent. For enhancing the power, the boxer must pay close attention to the habits of the opponents and try to learn their style. However, this technique cannot be used against the light punchers. 

4. Rolling


Rolling is a defense technique that helps the boxers to avoid the opponent’s hook. This is done by bending slightly on the knees and shifting the whole body weight to the backside from the leading side. Boxers can also do the visa-versa for the powerful defense. It is a little similar to the parrying technique. However, in this, instead of using the hands, boxers use the body. This is an outstanding defense move that requires a smooth balance and core activation to escape the punch. For this proper execution of the rolling technique, boxers should twist the body in the other direction from the punch of the opponent. Great practice and mastering are needed or the rolling punches as an incorrect technique might increase the vulnerability of the boxer.