Training Exercises And Tips To Improve The Punching Power

Fitness / Feb 14,2021

Punching power is the key to evaluate the ability of your opponent and learn the damage it can cause. It is needed by the boxers to shield themselves and win the match. However, increasing the punching power is not an easy task. It requires a lot of practice and great training to blow off the opponent with the punch. To help you out, we have covered all the important exercises and tips that will improve your punching strength. Practicing these exercises and following the tips will assist the boxers in converting their energy into punches.

Training Exercises For Every Boxer To Increase The Punching Speed

1. Shadowboxing


Shadow Boxing is a perfect way to maximize the punching power as this exercise relies on technique and accurate excursion. This training exercise is used in various combat sports, especially in boxing. Practicing shadowboxing prepares the muscles of the boxers before they engage themselves in stronger physical exercises. This exercise allows the boxers to form a better posture which results in effective and powerful delivery of the punches. Shadow Boxing is performed in front of the mirror so that the boxer can better focus on their technique and throw punches in a much better manner rather than paying attention to the power. It is a must to add exercise to the daily workout routine of the boxer. Adding to the advantages of this exercise, Shadowboxing also includes the practice of defense as well as better head and foot coordination. Boxers can also perform this exercise as a warm-up practice before the fights as it prepares mentally for their fights. 

2. Heavy Punching Bag Exercise


The heavy bags are one of the most essential instruments in the gym and are the best friends of the boxers. They are a perfect substitute for human targets to practice the punches and help in strengthening them. Practicing punches with heavy bags increases the speed and power, improves the techniques and movements, as well as enhances the core stability. Exercises with punching bags are required to be performed in an interval of 10-seconds. In the ten seconds interval, boxers are required to punch the bag at the maximum speed possible with no particular combination. After that, boxers have to perform active rest exercises for the next 10-15 seconds before taking up the next break of 10 seconds with a heavy punching bag. Performing this exercise in multiple rounds boosts the punching abilities.

3. Squats


Another most important exercise for the boxers to add to their daily training routine is the SQUATS. For improving the punching power, not just the upper body, but the lower body also plays a vital role. The muscular lower body is needed for better power while throwing the punches. This is because while the boxers punch the opponent, most of the energy comes from the lower body i.e. legs and the hips, and gets transferred to the upper body. Among various lower body exercises, squats are considered a basis for better stamina and agility. For the boxers, the higher the number of squats is equal to the level of stamina in the body. Practicing squats results in stronger joints and tissues, along with better stability. In sports like boxing, performance is more dependent on the footwork, position, movement, and power that is generated from the lower body. This makes it clear that squats are necessary for better punches and performance in the field. 

4. Medicine Ball Throw and Squat


The Medicine ball is one of the most important instruments that is required for improving the punching power as well as the whole body strength. For boxers, upper body exercises are required, just like medicine ball throw, as it uses almost every muscle of the body right from the legs to the shoulders. Using heavy weights helps in better punching power but is pointless in terms of speed and coordination. On the other hand, by using a medicine ball almost all the muscles comes into work which helps in boosting speed, endurance, and balance. It is important to use these balls as they add weight to the body and improve the hand speed which maximizes explosiveness and the power of the punches. You can use this ball in two different exercises i.e. squats and throws. Practicing throws and squats with the medicine ball is a great exercise that can be integrated by the boxers in their warm-ups.   

5. Plyometric Push-Ups


Plyometric push-ups are one of the exercises for the strength, power, as well as overall fitness of the boxers. It improves the power of the punches by enhancing the muscle fiber and increasing the muscle contractions. Practicing this exercise on the daily basis enhances the strength and speed in front of the opponent. This exercise trains the arms, biceps, and shoulders which influences the punching power. It is popularly known as “Jump Training” in which most of the efforts are given by the muscles. In plyometric push-ups, all the parts of the upper body are affected that are used while throwing the punches like chest, shoulders, and triceps. This exercise can be performed both as a warm-up and a stand-alone. Boxers are required to perform this exercise at a high intensity so as to prepare the muscles for working tirelessly. This helps in developing the stamina for performing the best in the ring. 

6. Landmine Press


Another main exercise for the boxers to enhance their punching power is Landmine Press. It is used to boost the hand velocity of the boxers and develop strength and productive mass. Performing this exercise establishes the kinetic chain sequence that is required for better punches. It fosters powerful hips and core rotation which is much needed for better performance. Such exercises prepare the boxers for knock-out punches which are one of the most prominent in boxing. Landline press exercise is done at a diagonal angle in a half-kneeling position.  It works on the whole upper body, right from the shoulders to triceps to chest to core muscles. Although it is a chest dominant exercise, it is of great help in improving the punching power. Every boxer must add it to their daily workout routine and should practice it multiple times. 

7. Jump Rope


An equally important exercise for the boxers is a jump rope. It is much needed for increasing agility and improving cardiac functions and coordination. Rehearsing this exercise three times a week for at least 15 minutes builds the muscles that are vital for quick punches. Along with this, jump rope helps in growing the lower leg explosiveness and with time it improves the foot and boxing efficiency. Among all the boxing training exercises, it is one of the most amazing exercises that work on all the aspects of the boxers. Performing this exercise creates a tough and fit athlete who is capable of throwing powerful punches. Not just foot, it also works on the arms of the boxers and strengthens them for the future. Every boxer must start this exercise from the basics. Later with time, they can add the advanced drills in their jumping. 


Important Tips To Consider For Better Punches


After knowing the best exercises that are required to be there in the workout routine of boxers, it is important to know a few tips. These tips help the boxers to use their practice and techniques in the right way and maintain a perfect balance for their next punch.

1. Focus On The Punching Techniques


Good punches are not just hitting the opponent but are more about transferring the power with ease and grace. For this, it is important to focus on the techniques and execute them in the right way. By focusing on the techniques, boxers can enhance their movements and become more competitive. 

2. Strengthen The Lower Body


While most people think the power of punches comes from the upper body, but, in reality, the power is more from the lower body. Working on the lower body not just provides the strengths to the arms but also helps in right positioning for landing a right punch. This is the reason, every boxer should include exercises to strengthen their core and lower body. 

3. Stay Relaxed 


Excreting a lot of energy on the punch is not the right way to show power. However, staying relaxed and loose helps in punching with high speed. Taking stress adds to the weight in the body and hampers the flow of punch. This makes it important for the boxers to stay relaxed and calm both while practicing and fighting. 

4. Improve The Aims


Another most important tip to keep in mind by all the boxers is to improve their aim for throwing a powerful punch. For punching with strength and the right way, boxers are required to devote themselves entirely to the punches and work on improving their aim. 

5. Breathing Correctly


Breathing plays a vital role in energetic sports like boxing. Proper breathing allows the mind as well as the body to throw the punch in the right direction and with all the power. So, every boxer must focus on their breathing and should learn when to inhale and when to exhale.

They say regular practice makes perfect, but in reality, only perfect practice makes perfect. Keeping this in mind, put together all the tips and exercises and strengthen your punching power in no time.