Nutritional Advice For The Boxers: Feast Like A Pro!

Fitness / Feb 14,2021

Boxing is one of the sports that require a conventional diet and hours of exercise. Every athlete has to intake more nutrition as compared to an average person as they are required to stay fit and healthy to enhance their performance. This makes it important for them to know what to eat and when to eat. Knowing these, helps the boxers to stay energized all the time.  Since their energy is being used constantly, it is important for them to maintain balance by consuming nutritional food. Eating right always keeps professional athletes to remain at the forefront of their game. Following a diet plan is as necessary as doing a workout. It helps in intake the right amount of nutrients which will result in burning the fat, gaining the muscles, and fighting more strongly. 

Basics of Healthy Diet For A Fighter


Every healthy diet starts with a few easy notions. For the boxers, learning the notions and their diet is equally important as the actual training. It helps the individuals to eat the right way to turn their body into a boxing machine. 

1. Intake Right Amount Of Diet: Every boxer ought to eat plenty of meals every day as compared to other individuals. Having a daily meal schedule helps in consuming the right amount of food as per the requirements. By doing so, boxers can keep an easy check on their nutrition intake and avoid starving as well as over-consuming. 

2. Eat Good Food: A healthy diet of boxers includes a strong balance of all the macronutrients that are essential for boosting performance. Consuming a balanced diet ensures that the boxers remain fueled and hydrated all the time. This game requires the boxers to remain light without losing their strength and for that having good food is much needed. 

3. Consume A Variety Of Food: As different food items have different nutritional values, it is impossible to get them all from one source. This is the reason, it is vital for the boxers to include a variety of nutritional options in their diet so as to guarantee that they won’t skip any. To enjoy the right diet, it is important to link the nutrition plan with the training plan as they both go hand-in-hand. 

What To Eat To Be Healthy?


Rightly said- It is not a matter of eating less, but of knowing what you are eating. A progressive training requires eating a balanced diet with the right amount of carbs, proteins, fats, and other macronutrients. Intaking an incorrect diet might result in loss of energy as well as weight gain, both of which impact the performance of the boxers. This makes it important to have a healthy diet that is made up of the right food items. If you want to ensure that you eat healthily, you must include the following in your diet.

1. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates, also known as carbs, are crucial for boxers in order to improve and sustain the capacity as well as to increase the endurance. Although most of the world is misunderstood by this nutrition as a weight gainer, it, in reality, is important to keep individuals fuller and energize for longer.  Carbs are a great source of energy and have a lot of natural greatness. These carbohydrates can be divided into two categories: good and bad. Both types have different impacts on the blood sugar level of the boxers. Good carbs do not impact the level of glucose and insulin in the body and take a long time to absorb which means long-lasting energy to the boxers. Some of the sources of good and natural carbs are sweet potato, beans, oats, lentils, veggies, honey, and fruits. Consuming the carbs is important but in the right quantity, as overconsumption might lead to weight gain. 

2. Protein

The nutrition that is needed for strengthening the muscles and promoting the recovering is no other than Protein. It is the number one nutrition for muscle maintenance. Since it is a basis for the formation of muscles, it is important to keep them strong. In a sport like boxing, consuming protein is great for reducing muscle injuries and recovering them after intense fights. Apart from after the boxing session, consuming the protein is equally vital after the training to regain the drained energy as well as to repair the muscle fiber and reinforce them the next time. While choosing the source of protein, boxers must be really careful to avoid consuming it with fried or bread coating, which can impact their health negatively. The excellent source of pure protein is meat, eggs, peanut butter, tofu, lean beef, fish, tuna, and milk. 

3. Fats

For a diet of boxers, including good fats is vital. It is needed to maintain the energy levels and helps the body in absorbing the required minerals and vitamins. Good fats also encourage the brain’s wellbeing which is a must needed for a sport like boxing in which head consequences are regular. However, a boxer must be very smart while choosing the fats. They must stick to healthy fats and avoid the sources that contain bad fats. Together with this, healthy fats also allow the body of boxers to manage the internal functions like the building of cells, supplying of energy, and more. On the other hand, bad fats should be stopped consuming as they make a person lethargic which negatively affects the performance. A good source of fats is usually unsaturated like seafood, walnuts, flaxseed, avocado, olives, fish oil, etc.

4. Water

Water has a huge significance on the health of the body of the boxer. In general, people don’t consider water as an important dietary requirement. However, it has a lot of benefits right from weight loss to rehabilitation. For succeeding in a boxing career, it is important for the boxers to stay hydrated. After hard-core training, most of the water from the body comes out in form of the sweat and decreases the level of water. This makes it vital for sipping in water throughout the day. You must manage your water intake as per your size and level of training. This non-technical food is crucial for ensuring the best performance of the body. Consuming water also ensures preventing cramps and aches after the fights. However, you must be very careful in gulping in the water as excess will lead to bloating.

Other than these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals should also be included in the diet. Consuming them will help the boxers in boosting their energy, immune system, organ function, as well as helps in strengthening the bones. 

What To Avoid Eating?


After learning about all the good stuff, there are several food items that should be avoided by the boxers. This might include items that contain bad fats, sugar, unhealthy carbs, or toxic ingredients. Avoiding these items helps in improving and enhancing the boxing skills. Consuming these items hinders the progress and provides a bad shape to the boxers. These items include:

1. Bad Fats

Some fats are not good for the body and cause trouble in digesting the food items. These bad fats are found in items like junk food, packed, and processed foods. Along with these, it is important to keep animal fats to the minimum.

2. Sweetened Foods

Food items that are rich in sugar content are also required to be avoided. Such items include chocolates, sweets, as well as soft drinks. Although these items provide an instant explosion of energy, they make people feel bulky and lethargic. 

3. Acidic Items

Highly acidic food items cause muscle weakness that decreases the boxer’s performance. This is the reason, it is suggested to the boxers to stay away from such food items. Acidic foods might include fizzy soft drinks, packed food items, and a few dairy products. 

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is known for causing dehydration in the bloodstream. Consuming these items causes the boxers to feel bloated and fatigued. Along with this, alcohol hampers the performance of the boxers the next day. This makes it important to avoid consuming it. 

5. Supplements

Pills and substances that are produced in a laboratory are not natural, hence, consuming them is not great for the boxers. Since they are not a substitute for a healthy diet and do not provide the same nutrients, it is crucial to consume them only after advice from the dietitian. Instead of taking the supplements, boxers should try to focus on consuming natural nutrition. However, there are a few supplements that have shown great results. These supplements are sports drinks, creatine, protein powders, etc. 

Even after all the advice, you are the best and ultimate judge for your own self. You are the only one who knows what’s right for you or what’s not. There are no set rules for a balanced diet and you can modify it as per your preference. However, following the above advice will help in getting the right nutrients and in the right amount that helps in improving the training and the fights.