Protect Your Hands: Best Boxing Hand Wraps For Fighters

Blog / Apr 10,2024

Boxing, a vigorous and widely embraced form of exercise, accommodates both novices and seasoned fighters alike. However, safeguarding the hands, wrists, and knuckles is paramount during any boxing session. This necessitates the utilization of boxing gloves and wraps, which collectively serve as essential protective gear. Even when engaging in shadow boxing, the importance of wearing hand wraps cannot be overstated. They aid in acclimatizing oneself to the sensation, whether with or without boxing gloves. In this article, we will delve into the art of wrapping your hands for boxing, explore the diverse types of hand wraps available, and offer guidance on selecting the most suitable hand wraps for your boxing endeavors.

Cathy Brown, professional boxing coach, PT, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist at Third Space, said, Hand wrapping is extremely important as it acts as a support bandage that protects the wrist, thumb, knuckles and the small 27 bones in the hand. Too many people feel that they will strengthen their knuckles by not wearing them. However, you need to protect your hands when punching pads and bags to prevent injury and to have longevity with your tools. It is also more hygienic to wear them.

Variety in Hand Wraps

While the decision to wrap or not is subjective, the practice effectively mitigates injuries, maintains proper hand and wrist alignment, and ultimately enhances performance. Additionally, there exists a range of hand wraps tailored to individual preferences for comfort and fit.

Quick Gel Hand Wraps

For those seeking a swift wrapping process, Quick Gel Hand Wraps provide a convenient solution. Offering soft knuckle coverage and exceptional elasticity, these wraps snugly envelop the hand, furnishing the necessary support within seconds.

Elastic Bandage

Commonly known as "Mexican-style" wraps, elastic bandages effortlessly conform to the contours of the hand, ensuring a secure fit. These wraps maintain their grip without loosening during rigorous workouts while allowing adequate breathability.

Tape & Gauze

Preferred by professional fighters, tape and gauze wraps are renowned for their lightweight composition and superior protection. Secured with boxing tape, they offer unparalleled support, making mastery of the wrapping technique a worthwhile endeavor.

Reusable Cloth

Designed for cost efficiency, reusable cloth wraps can withstand multiple uses. Available in various colors and lengths, these wraps feature Velcro closures; however, repeated use may compromise their adhesive strength over time.

Wrapping Technique

Begin by grasping one end of the hand wrap with your dominant hand and position the palm of the opposite hand facing downward, with fingers spread apart. Loop the wrap around the thumb to anchor it securely, then proceed to wrap it tightly around the wrist at least three times. Continue wrapping around the thumb and wrist, followed by the knuckles, ensuring a snug yet circulation-friendly fit.

Selection Criteria for Boxing Hand Wraps

Our selection process involved thorough research into numerous boxing hand wraps from reputable fitness brands. Key considerations included:

  • Overall Value: Assessing the quality and pricing of hand wraps to ensure a satisfactory investment, factoring in supplementary accessories such as hand wrap rollers when budgeting.
  • Adjustability: While traditional wraps offer more customization, glove wraps provide convenience. The choice ultimately hinges on personal preference.
  • Elasticity: The stretchiness of the wrap determines its adaptability and ease of application.
  • Materials: Typically crafted from soft cotton, boxing hand wraps may incorporate performance fabrics like nylon for sweat-wicking properties. Some variants feature foam or gel padding for added comfort.

By adhering to these criteria, we identified top-tier boxing hand wraps tailored to meet the diverse needs of boxing enthusiasts across all skill levels.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Boxing Hand Wraps

red boxing hand wraps

Wrist Support

Proper wrist support is crucial for safety, emphasizes Almonte-Roman. Inadequate support diminishes control and power while increasing susceptibility to injury. Seeking guidance from a professional ensures correct wrapping technique and maintenance of support throughout activity.


Hand wraps should snugly fit around knuckles and thumb without impeding circulation, notes Wilking. They should also comfortably fit under boxing gloves. Thicker wraps offer increased protection, but excessive friction between wrap and glove should be avoided.


Ensure the hand wraps are of adequate length. Most adults require wraps at least 180 inches long. Longer wraps offer greater flexibility and support. Conversely, shorter wraps are preferable for children to avoid excess bulk.


Boxing hand wraps come in two varietiestraditional wraps and glove wraps. Traditional wraps resemble long strips of material, while glove wraps resemble fingerless gloves attached to a long band. Glove wraps offer convenience in application, but traditional wraps allow for better customization of tightness and positioning to suit individual anatomy.

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Sanabul Elastic Professional Boxing Wraps: Best Overall

Sanabul's Elastic Professional Boxing Wraps excel as our top choice due to their stretchy, semi-elastic construction, ensuring comfort and a tailored fit. These 180-inch traditional wraps offer adjustability for distraction-free performance and feature breathability and quick-drying properties to manage sweat. Though some users may find them slightly thin, they remain a commendable option.

Pro Impact Mexican Style Hand Wraps: Best Machine-Washable

For easy maintenance, Pro-Impact's Mexican Style Hand Wraps stand out as the best machine-washable option. Durable and odor-resistant, these wraps endure frequent cleaning without compromising elasticity. With multiple color choices and a secure hook-and-loop closure, they offer both practicality and performance, although some may find them thinner compared to other alternatives.

Sting AIBA Approved Hand Wraps: Best AIBA-Approved

Meeting stringent standards set by the International Boxing Association and the Olympics, Sting's Boxing Hand Wraps earn recognition as the best AIBA-approved option. Featuring an easy-to-use hook-and-loop closure and a slightly stretchy material offering optimal compression, these wraps provide a secure fit without wrinkling or bunching. While they offer excellent security, they are available in only one length.

Hayabusa Quick Gel Boxing Hand Wrap Gloves: Best Gel Hand Wraps

Ideal for newcomers, Hayabusa's Quick Gel Hand Wrap Gloves offer convenience with their quick application and secure hook-and-loop closure. Providing protection for knuckles, hands, and wrists, these gel hand wraps are suitable for beginners despite lacking the custom fit of traditional wraps.

Meister MMA Portable Hand Wrap Roller is the Best Accessory

For hassle-free organization, Meister's MMA Hand Wrap Roller proves invaluable. Its simple design ensures efficient rolling of hand wraps, saving time and preventing tangles. While effective, it may not accommodate all wrap sizes, necessitating prior measurement.

Meister MMA Meister Junior 108" Elastic Cotton Hand Wraps: 

Top Choice for Small Hands

Excessively long hand wraps can impede movement and cause discomfort by adding bulk to your boxing gear. Meister's MMA Junior Hand Wraps, at 108 inches, are 40% shorter than standard wraps, catering specifically to boxers with smaller hands. These machine-washable wraps feature a hook-and-loop strap and a thumb loop for a secure fit without slipping. Despite their shorter length, they offer adequate support without excessive thickness. While not as stretchy as some alternatives, these wraps are durable and well-suited for individuals with petite hands.

Everlast Professional Hand Wraps: Best Choice for Experienced Boxers

Renowned for quality, Everlast's Professional Hand Wraps are a top choice for experienced boxers. Crafted from a soft polyester blend, they ensure comfort while providing exceptional wrist support. Available in lengths of 120 and 180 inches, these wraps are tailored for smaller hands. Enhanced with Ever Fresh treatment to combat bacterial growth and odors, they offer durability and hygiene. Though secure, the hook-and-loop closure may pose challenges in removal and could lead to pilling over time.

Title Boxing Attack Nitro Speed Wraps 2.0: Ideal for Beginners

Designed with rubber padding for shock absorption, Title Boxing's Attack Nitro Speed Wraps 2.0 offer added comfort and protection for beginners. Featuring an adjustable hook-and-loop strap for a snug fit, these wraps balance protection with affordability. While they may be challenging to fit tightly for individuals with smaller hands and wrists, they provide adequate support without restricting circulation, making them suitable for novice boxers.

Jayefo Sports Hand Wraps: Budget-Friendly Option

Backed by a two-year warranty, Jayefo's Sports Hand Wraps combine durability with affordability. Crafted from elastic material with a textured finish for grip, these 180-inch wraps stay securely in place under gloves. Available in vibrant colors and sold in pairs, they offer versatility and value for money. Despite being less stretchy than desired, they remain a suitable choice for beginners seeking a budget-friendly option.

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Hand wraps are an indispensable component of a fighter's gear, offering vital protection and support during training and competitions. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned boxer, investing in quality hand wraps tailored to your needs is paramount for ensuring comfort, preventing injuries, and optimizing performance. Throughout this blog, we've explored the importance of hand wraps in boxing, delving into the various types available and providing guidance on selecting the best ones for your requirements. From traditional wraps to glove wraps, each option offers unique benefits, catering to different preferences and hand sizes.


Is it necessary to use hand wraps if I'm not attending boxing classes?

Wrapping your hands at home can enhance your boxing experience and put you in the right mindset for training.

How can I learn to wrap my hands at home?

Seek instruction from a professional or utilize online educational videos. When wrapping your hands at home, pay attention to the tightness of the wraps. Maintaining adequate spacing between the wraps and your skin is crucial, as tightness can lead to friction, resulting in blisters and discomfort.

How frequently should I wash my hand wraps?

Experts advise against storing wraps inside gloves after workouts to prevent odors and bacterial growth. Consider washing them weekly in a delicates bag, ensuring that any hook-and-loop closures are secured to prevent damage. After washing, you can either air dry or tumble dry your wraps.