Daniel Valladares: Mastermind Behind Creative Excellence

Blog / Dec 28,2023

Image: tapology

Daniel Valladares has established himself as a prominent figure in the professional boxing realm, showcasing his remarkable skills and performances within the ring. With a total of 31 bouts in his repertoire, Valladares has secured victories in 26 of them, with three losses, one draw, and one no-contest.

Valladares Made His Debut at a Young Age

Making his debut at a youthful age, the Mexican boxer entered the professional scene at 19 in February 2014. Since then, he has made significant strides as a rising star, triumphing in 10 consecutive matches, six of which concluded with stoppages. Valladares faced his inaugural world title challenge on February 1, 2020, contending for the IBF title against Pedro Taduran. Despite the bout concluding in a technical-decision draw, Valladares clinched a world title at strawweight. Despite having just one world title victory, Valladares has amassed an impressive track record, defeating formidable opponents like Abraham Manriquez Gonzalez, Julian Yedras, Rene Mark Cuarto, Christian Araneta, Merlito Sabillo, Jose Javier Torres, and Erick Zamora.

He Has a Style of Heavy Damage

Daniel Valladares' approach inside the ring has a blend of technical finesse, raw power, and enduring stamina. Using his quick movements and a potent left hook, Valladares can administer a lot of damage to his rivals, showcasing impressive speed, precision, and strategic prowess. Boxing fans have grown fond of Valladares for his adaptability, adeptly taking on rivals with diverse styles and skill sets. Whether taking on the role of a slugger or a technical fighter, Valladares provides an exhilarating spectacle for fans who tune in to watch his matches.

Valladares Has a Stellar Boxing Record

With a stellar boxing record, Valladares has encountered defeat on only three occasions, all in non-title matches and never by way of knockout. His initial loss transpired against Genaro Rios through an 8-round majority decision on December 9, 2016, marking the conclusion of his 11-fight win streak. Additional details regarding his losses can be explored in the article "All of Daniel Valladares' Losses." His recent bout, a strawweight title defense against Japanese boxer Ginjiro Shigeoka on January 6, 2023, concluded in a no-contest after three rounds. Currently boasting a professional record of 26-3-1, inclusive of 15 knockout victories and one world title triumph, Valladares is slated to face Ginjiro Shigeoka on April 16, 2023, promising an enthralling encounter between two skilled pugilists.

Valladares Lost His Title in a Nail Biting Match

The wait proved to be highly rewarding for Ginjiro Shigeoka as he secured a title consolidation rematch victory over IBF strawweight champion Daniel Valladares. This much-anticipated bout, months in the making, unfolded with the Japanese southpaw delivering a compelling performance that ultimately dethroned Valladares. The Mexican champion found himself on the canvas within the first 90 seconds, courtesy of a powerful straight left hand from Shigeoka. Despite beating the count, Valladares faced further challenges as he was warned by referee Charlie Fitch for leading with his head. Fitch reiterated this command twice more before eventually deducting a point just one minute into the second round. The victory for Shigeoka was solidified in the fifth round at Ota-City General Gymnasium in Tokyo. Valladares, having been dropped in the opening round, found himself defenseless against the ropes, prompting the referee to stop the fight at 2:15 of the fifth round. This triumph came after more than nine months of delays following their initial encounter, which had ended in a No-Contest due to a clash of heads in the third round on January 6 in Osaka.

In the aftermath of their first bout, Shigeoka, displaying patience and determination, added the interim IBF title to his collection as he eagerly awaited the highly anticipated rematch. Fully prepared for his second title shot, Shigeoka demonstrated his prowess in the ring, making the most of the opportunity. The early moments of the rematch set the tone for Shigeoka's dominance. Landing a decisive straight left hand, he swiftly deposited Valladares onto the canvas. Despite the knockdown, Valladares displayed resilience by rising to his feet. However, his challenges escalated as he received multiple warnings for leading with his head. Referee Charlie Fitch's repeated commands culminated in a point deduction for Valladares, underscoring the technical aspects of the sport.

Undeterred by the warnings, Shigeoka maintained his relentless attack, showcasing precision and power. The left hand, a potent weapon in his arsenal, consistently found its mark, leaving Valladares with limited answers to the onslaught. In the third round, Shigeoka continued to impress as he connected with a clean combination following a clinch, demonstrating both skill and strategy in the ring. The fifth-round stoppage served as a fitting conclusion to a bout that had experienced delays and twists since its inception. Shigeoka's victory not only secured the coveted IBF strawweight title but also highlighted his resilience and adaptability in the face of unforeseen challenges. As the 23-year-old Tokyo-based knockout artist continues to make his mark in the boxing world, this triumph stands as a testament to his skill, patience, and unwavering determination on the path to championship glory.


While he may not boast as many championship victories as some of his peers, Daniel Valladares has garnered significant respect from both fellow boxers and fans due to his unwavering dedication and hard work. As he continues to refine his skills in the ring and confront top-tier opponents, there is no question that Daniel Valladares will persist in leaving a lasting impression, solidifying his place among the pantheon of boxing legends. He is sure to be involved in many more exciting matches in the future in the mini flyweight and light flyweight division.