Championing Super Flyweight Boxing: Speed, Power, & Strategy

Blog / Nov 08,2023

In the world of boxing, the glamour and attention are often focused on the heavyweight giants who trade bone-crushing blows in the ring. But there's a lesser-known division that has been silently producing some of the most exciting and technically proficient fighters in the sport Super Flyweight boxing. These fighters may be small in stature, but they pack an enormous punch and are capable of mesmerizing fans with their skills. In this blog, we'll dive deep into the world of Super Flyweight boxing and explore what makes it such a fascinating and underrated division.

Super Flyweight Rankings

These are the present boxing rankings for the division:

1. Juan Francisco Estrada (WBC & The Ring Champion)

2. Kazuto Ioka (WBA Champion)

3. Roman Gonzalez

4. Junto Nakatani (WBO Champion)

5. Fernando Martinez (IBF Champion)

The Weight Class

Super Flyweight is a weight class in professional boxing, also known as Junior Bantamweight. Fighters in this division weigh in at a maximum of 115 pounds (52.16 kg). This is just a stone's throw away from the popular Bantamweight division, where fighters are limited to 118 pounds (53.52 kg). The Super Flyweight division might be one of the smallest in terms of weight, but it's arguably one of the most action-packed. Super Flyweight fighters are known for their incredible speed, technical proficiency, and boxing IQ. They often make up for their lack of size with impeccable footwork, lightning-fast hand speed, and an impressive ability to slip and counter punches. These fighters are a joy to watch because they exhibit a level of skill and finesse that is rarely seen in the heavier-weight divisions.

One of the most iconic Super Flyweights in history is "Chocolatito" Roman Gonzalez. He is a four-division world champion known for his incredible combination of punching, head movement, and ability to adjust his game plan on the fly. His skill level has earned him comparisons to some of the greatest fighters of all time, regardless of weight class.

Highly Entertaining Fights

Super Flyweight bouts are often action-packed from the first bell to the last. With fighters who are so evenly matched in terms of size and skill, the division consistently delivers high-octane, competitive fights. The close weight limit means that fighters don't possess the overwhelming power of their heavier counterparts, which leads to more extended exchanges and complex strategies. Fans of boxing are treated to technical masterpieces that showcase the beauty of the sweet science. The Super Flyweight division has witnessed some classic encounters over the years, with fighters like Juan Francisco Estrada, Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, and Carlos Cuadras providing thrilling battles that will be remembered for generations. These fighters are known for their ability to mix it up inside the ring, combining crisp combinations with superb defensive skills.

International Flavor

One remarkable aspect of the Super Flyweight division is its international flavor. Fighters from all corners of the globe compete in this weight class, bringing their unique styles and approaches to the sport. Mexican fighters, for instance, are known for their relentless aggression and powerful body punching. Meanwhile, fighters from Asia often display impeccable technique, precision, and an ability to adapt to different styles. This diversity has led to numerous international showdowns that captivate fans worldwide. When a Mexican warrior steps into the ring against a Thai technician, it's a testament to the global reach and appeal of Super Flyweight boxing.

Championship Contenders

The Super Flyweight division has produced an impressive roster of championship contenders. Fighters in this division consistently face top-tier competition, and the championship titles are frequently contested, making it one of the most exciting divisions in boxing. Prominent champions and contenders like Naoya Inoue, Juan Francisco Estrada, and Srisaket Sor Rungvisai have showcased their talents on the world stage. Naoya Inoue, known as "The Monster," is an exemplar of what Super Flyweight boxing has to offer. He is a three-weight world champion with a reputation for his devastating punching power, exceptional speed, and remarkable boxing IQ. Inoue's rise to stardom has not only brought attention to the division but has also made it clear that Super Flyweights are elite fighters deserving of the same recognition as their heavier counterparts.

The Future of Super Flyweight

As we look ahead to the future of Super Flyweight boxing, there are several rising stars and emerging talents that promise to keep the division's momentum going. These young fighters are eager to make their mark in the sport and follow in the footsteps of the division's greats. One such emerging talent is Kazuto Ioka, a Japanese fighter who has already captured world titles in multiple weight classes. Ioka's skill and dedication make him a force to be reckoned with, and his presence in the division adds even more depth to an already stacked roster of fighters. Kazuto fought against Nietes and proved his worth to the world. Additionally, Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Martinez has been making waves in the Super Flyweight division. His aggressive fighting style, coupled with relentless pressure, has earned him recognition as a fighter with the potential to become a future champion. Martinez's rise through the ranks and exciting performances are undoubtedly contributing to the division's appeal.

Fans of Super Flyweight boxing can also look forward to fresh matchups as these emerging talents take on established champions and contenders. This combination of experience and youth promises to deliver unforgettable fights and keep the division's excitement alive.


Super Flyweight boxing may not enjoy the same level of attention as heavyweight clashes, but it has its unique charm and allure. The division showcases the essence of boxing: skill, technique, and heart. Fans of the sport can appreciate the incredible speed and precision of Super Flyweight fighters as they engage in battles that demonstrate the true beauty of boxing. Whether it's a technical chess match or a furious exchange of punches, Super Flyweight boxing is a testament to the diversity and excitement that the sport has to offer. So, if you're a boxing fan, don't overlook this division there's a world of excitement waiting for you in the Super Flyweight ranks.