Rising Stars: Top Profiles Of Light Middleweight Boxers

Blog / Oct 06,2023

Boxing has been, for the longest time, a spectator sport that draws in millions of fans from all corners of the globe. One of the categories that has consistently captured the imagination of these fans is the Light Middleweight division. As of 2023, the Light Middleweight (also known as Super Welterweight) division continues to boast of incredibly talented pugilists who showcase both technique and power. Here are some of the best Light Middleweight boxers at present.


Light Middleweight Rankings

Here are the present light middleweight boxing rankings:

  1. Jermell Charlo
  2. Tim Tszyu
  3. Liam Smith
  4. Brian Mendoza
  5. Sebastian Fundora


The Best Light Middleweight Boxers

Jermell Charlo: Jermell Charlo can't be excluded from this list. He has been at the top of the Light Middleweight scene for years. His combination of power and skill has seen him score some notable knockouts. His bouts against Jeison Rosario and Erickson Lubin cement his legacy in the division. He is the undisputed champ in the light middleweight division right now.

Tim Tszyu: The son of the legendary Kostya Tszyu, Tim has been making waves down under and on the global scene. His dedication and discipline reflect in his fights. With an impressive record and having dominated most of his opponents, he is poised to make a significant impact in the division.

Erickson Lubin: Having continuously improved since his loss to Jermell Charlo back in 2017, Lubin has worked his way back up the ladder. He's displayed a mix of power, speed, and boxing IQ that makes him a force to be reckoned with in the division.

Brian Castao: The Argentine boxer has made a significant mark in the division, especially after his controversial split draw against Jermell Charlo in their undisputed championship bout. Castao's relentless pressure and stamina make him a nightmare for any opponent.

Tony Harrison: Harrison is best known for his shock victory over Jermell Charlo in 2018, capturing the WBC title. Though he lost in their rematch, Harrison continues to be a formidable contender with his sharp jab and boxing skills.

Jarrett Hurd: Once the unified champion of the division, Hurd is known for his come-forward style and incredible chin. Despite facing some setbacks in recent years, his size and work rate can't be overlooked when talking about the best in the division.

Israel Madrimov: The Uzbekistani boxer has been making his presence felt with an aggressive style and solid power punches. With a background in both kickboxing and amateur boxing, Madrimov's varied skill set and adaptability make him a standout contender.

Julian Williams: 'J-Rock' Williams had a momentous rise when he upset Jarrett Hurd in 2019. Known for his technical prowess and ring intelligence, Williams continues to be a significant player in the division.

With these titans in the Light Middleweight division, there's no shortage of action-packed fights and drama. The division remains as unpredictable as ever, with each of these fighters being a couple of punches away from clinching the top spot. Their individual journeys, challenges, and triumphs make the Light Middleweight division one of the most exciting in boxing.


The Future of the Light Middleweight Division

As we look towards the future, the Light Middleweight division promises even more fireworks. The era of dominant, long-reigning champions seems to be giving way to a more competitive landscape where young, up-and-coming talent is challenging established light middleweight boxers. Here are some potential developments and storylines we might witness:

Undisputed Champion: With so many elite fighters at the top of the division, it's only a matter of time before one emerges as the undisputed champion. Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting a scenario where all the belts are unified under one fighter, solidifying their position as the best in the division.

Technological Influence: With advancements in training methods, recovery, and data analytics, fighters are now better prepared than ever. The integration of technology in training camps can result in more refined boxing strategies and game plans, adding another layer of intrigue to the fights.

Emergence of New Talent: As history has shown, the boxing landscape can change rapidly. New talents like Sebastian Fundora, with his unprecedented height and reach for the division, are entering the scene, poised to challenge the current elite and potentially rewrite the rankings.

Cross-divisional Fights: With the Welterweight and Middleweight divisions also bustling with talent, there's potential for some intriguing catch-weight bouts or fighters moving up/down a division. Such matches always bring added excitement, pitting champions from different weight classes against each other.

Global Reach: The Light Middleweight division has fighters hailing from different continents, from North America to Asia and Australia. This global representation ensures that the division remains in the spotlight, attracting fans from different parts of the world.

Potential Rematches: Given the closely contested nature of several past bouts, there's always the demand for rematches. Fights like Castao vs. Charlo II or a trilogy bout between Harrison and Charlo can generate significant buzz and revenue.



The Light Middleweight division, while not as glamorous as the Heavyweight or the Cruiserweight divisions, offers a unique blend of speed, power, and technical prowess. The fighters listed above are a testament to the rich talent pool in this category. The Light Middleweight division, with its dynamism and talent depth, is a boxing enthusiast's dream. Each fight is an opportunity to witness history, as these warriors give their all in the squared circle. As the narratives unfold, rivalries intensify, and new champions emerge; one thing remains constant the undying spirit of competition and the quest for greatness.

In an era of boxing where divisions are often criticized for lack of depth or dominance of a single fighter, the Light Middleweight category stands out as a beacon of competitive excellence. Whether you're a casual fan or a boxing purist, the division promises bouts that will remain etched in memory for years to come. As these athletes continue to challenge each other and set the bar higher, fans can look forward to more thrilling encounters, surprises, and boxing masterclasses.