Legends of Power and Precision: Super Middleweight Boxers

Blog / Oct 06,2023

Super middleweight boxing has always been a division packed with excitement, talent, and intense competition. At the 168-pound weight limit, the fighters in this class have traditionally combined the speed of middleweights with the power of light heavyweights, leading to some unforgettable fights and fighters. As we approach the end of 2023, let's dive into the best super middleweights gracing the boxing ring today.

Super Middleweight Rankings

1. Canelo Alvarez - Unified WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF, RING Champion

2. David Benavidez

3. Caleb Plant

4. Christian Mbilli

5. David Morrell

Some of the Best Super Middleweight Boxers at Present

Canelo Alvarez: By 2023, Canelo Alvarez, hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, has further solidified his reputation as one of the greatest boxers of his generation. Though he's moved between weight classes, his performances at super middleweight have been nothing short of spectacular. With a rare combination of power, speed, technique, and ring IQ, Canelo has taken on and defeated top-tier competition, establishing his dominance in the division. His recent victories over fighters like Billy Joe Saunders and Callum Smith have proven his mettle.

David Benavidez: The young Mexican-American powerhouse has only improved over the years. Known for his relentless pressure, heavy hands, and high-volume punching, Benavidez has terrorized the super middleweight division. His combination of youth, power, and boxing skills suggests that his star will only continue to rise.

Caleb Plant: With a slick boxing style and a fantastic defensive prowess, Plant has made a mark in the super middleweight division. His athleticism and footwork have made him a challenging puzzle for many opponents to solve. His world title reign and undefeated record entering 2023 show he's more than just hype.

Jermall Charlo: Initially making waves in the middleweight division, Charlo's move up to super middleweight has added another dynamic talent to the mix. With a sharp jab, devastating power, and the heart of a lion, Charlo poses a threat to anyone in the division. His boxing pedigree, combined with his desire to fight the best, ensures he remains in the conversation of top super middleweights.

Zach Parker: The British talent has shown a lot of promise. Undefeated and possessing a balanced skill set, Parker has demonstrated his capabilities against various fighting styles. As he continues to face stiffer competition, many believe he has the tools to become a dominant force in the division.

The New Faces and Potential Game Changers

As exciting as the current landscape of the super middleweight division is, the thrill of boxing often lies in its unpredictability. New contenders rise, champions are dethroned, and dark horses emerge to shake things up. Here's a look at a few names that, while perhaps not yet in the top echelon, are definitely worth watching:

Anthony Dirrell: A veteran of the sport, Dirrell is a two-time world champion. While some might argue that his prime years are behind him, he continues to prove doubters wrong with his skill, resilience, and experience. In a division teeming with young blood, Dirrell's savvy ring generalship and grit can still upset the apple cart.

Ronald Ellis: Showing significant improvement in every outing, Ellis has made it clear he's gunning for the top names in the division. His combination of speed and tactical prowess means he can't be taken lightly by anyone. With a few more wins, he could soon be knocking on the doors of the elite.

Aidos Yerbossynuly: Hailing from Kazakhstan, a nation that has produced boxing greats like Gennadiy Golovkin, Yerbossynuly is an emerging talent with a formidable amateur background. His smooth transition into the pro ranks hints at a bright future ahead. His technical skills, combined with his raw power, could see him fast-tracked to a world title shot.

The Boxing Rankings Keep Changing

Now, while these boxers are leading the pack in 2023, it's essential to remember the fluidity of boxing rankings. Many emerging talents are waiting in the wings, ready to challenge the status quo. Fighters like Edgar Berlanga, known for his streak of first-round knockouts, and other global talents ensure the division remains vibrant and competitive. Furthermore, the super middleweight division's history is filled with iconic boxers like Joe Calzaghe, Andre Ward, and Mikkel Kessler. The current crop of fighters is aware of the rich legacy they've inherited. This understanding fuels their desire to not just be great but to be remembered as legends in one of boxing's most storied divisions.

Boxing's beauty lies in its constant evolution. As the old guard makes way for the new, fans get to witness the rise and fall of champions, the birth of rivalries, and the underdog stories that give the sport its soul. Furthermore, with the ever-increasing globalization of boxing, it's only a matter of time before other nations start producing super middleweight sensations. This global talent pool ensures that the division remains fresh and the matchups intriguing. Lastly, while individual skills and records are critical, the most anticipated events in boxing are often the result of compelling narratives: grudge matches, redemption stories, and battles for national pride. Given the diverse backgrounds and trajectories of the fighters in the super middleweight division, there's no shortage of enthralling storylines to captivate audiences.


The super middleweight division of 2023, as with the light heavyweight division, is bursting with talent, excitement, and potential dream matches. As the careers of these boxers intertwine, fans are guaranteed unforgettable nights of action. With a mix of seasoned champions like Canelo Alvarez and rising stars such as David Benavidez and Caleb Plant, the future looks bright for the 168-pounders. Whether you're a casual fan or a die-hard boxing enthusiast, one thing is certain: the super middleweight division will continue to provide fireworks, drama, and the highest level of pugilistic skill. The upcoming years promise even more thrilling encounters, legacy-defining fights, and a reshuffling of the divisional pecking order. The golden era of super middleweights is well and truly here.