How to Choose the Perfect Size Boxing Gloves: Expert Advice

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For newbies in boxing, figuring out the right size gloves can be pretty overwhelming. There are tons of styles, types, and brands out there, and they all come in different sizes! Getting gloves that fit well is just as crucial as wearing them at all. Like with any protective gear, they work best when they fit right. If your gloves are the wrong size, it can mess with your performance and might even cause injuries over time. And don't forget about hand wraps — another must-have that your gloves need to fit over. It might seem like a lot, but we'll make it simple for you!

Measurements Required for Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves work best when they fit snugly. To help you pick the right ones, glove sizes are shown in ounces, from 6oz. for kids to 20oz. for heavyweights. To find your size for this boxing gear, you'll need three measurements: your height, weight, and the circumference of your dominant hand. Height and weight are easy to figure out with a scale and measuring tape, but hand circumference can be a bit trickier. Use a fabric tape measure to wrap around your open dominant hand just below the knuckles. Make sure the tape meets in the middle of your palm for an accurate reading.

If you don't have a fabric tape measure, use a piece of string to wrap around your hand, mark it, and then measure the string against a ruler or stiff tape measure. For the perfect fit, hand circumference is the best indicator compared to height and weight, which are more like guidelines. Think of it like comparing a tailored suit to an off-the-rack t-shirt. Both will fit, but the suit is way more customized to your measurements. Once you've got these three measurements, your next step is to decide what style of gloves you need.

Boxing Gloves Size Chart

8-10 oz glovesPerson under 100lbs (common size for children)
10-12 oz glovesPerson between 100lbs-125lbs (common sizes for women)
12-14 oz glovesPerson between 125lbs-150lbs
14-16 oz glovesPerson between 150lbs-180lbs
16 oz glovesPerson over 180lbs

Women Boxing Gloves Size Chart

8 oz glovesPerson under 98lbs
10 oz glovesPerson between 98lbs-113lbs
12 oz glovesPerson between 114lbs-140lbs
14 oz glovesPerson between 141lbs-160lbs
16 oz glovesPerson between 161lbs-180lbs

Hand Circumference Chart

4 oz gloves11-12.50 cm
6 oz gloves12.50-14 cm
8 oz gloves14-16.50 cm
10 oz gloves16.50-19 cm
12 oz gloves19-21.50 cm
14 oz gloves21.50-24 cm
16 oz gloves24-26.50 cm

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How should your boxing gloves fit?

boxer wearing red boxing gloves

Well, like the saying goes, they should fit "like a glove." You want them snug but not so tight that they cut off circulation. Always try them on with hand wraps and make sure your fingers reach the top without feeling cramped. They should be comfy, not too loose or too tight.

  • For competition gloves, they have less padding in the knuckles so your opponent really feels your punches. There are amateur and professional levels, with amateur gloves usually having a red or blue color scheme and a white knuckle overlay for scoring.
  • Sparring gloves have extra padding to protect both you and your sparring partner. They're sized like training gloves but a bit heavier due to the extra padding.
  • Training gloves are a versatile option, good for both bag work and sparring. They're great for beginners and experienced fighters alike, offering ample support.
  • Bag gloves are for heavy bag, speed bag, or pad training. They have less padding in the knuckles so you can feel your punches and adjust your form if needed.

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Choosing the right size boxing gloves is crucial for both performance and safety in the ring. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fighter, understanding the various factors that influence glove size, such as your weight, hand size, and the type of training or competition you're engaging in, is essential. Take the time to research and try out different sizes and types of gloves to find the perfect fit for your needs. Your choice of boxing gloves can significantly impact your training effectiveness and safety, making it a decision worth careful consideration.


Searching for boxing gloves?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for a while, picking the right size boxing gloves is key. You gotta think about the weight, material, and type of gloves you need. And trust me, once you’ve got your own pair, you won’t miss those stinky old gym gloves at all!

What boxing gloves are good for children?

Kids need good-quality boxing gloves with lots of support to avoid getting hurt. They should fit snugly but not be too tight. For their first pair, vinyl gloves are usually fine since they’ll probably outgrow them before they’re ready for serious competition. SMAI’s kids boxing gloves come in 2oz, 4oz, and 6oz sizes and are made for kids aged three to ten.

What are the materials of boxing gloves?

Most official boxing gloves are made of leather, though some cheaper ones use vinyl. Both types have strong nylon stitching and high-density padding. SMAI’s Elite Boxing Gloves are made with injection-molded cowhide leather, which fits the natural shape of your fist and keeps your thumb in the right spot, giving you great protection and lowering the risk of injury.

Are boxing gloves tight?

Boxing gloves should fit snugly enough to stay in place without moving around, but not so tight that they cut off circulation or feel like they’re squeezing your hand.

Can boxing gloves be unisex?

Men’s and women’s boxing gloves might weigh the same, but the sizes can be different. Women’s gloves usually have a narrower hand compartment for a better fit. Most gloves out there are unisex, so just check out our Sizing Chart to find what’s comfy for you.

How can you clean your boxing gloves?

Don’t ever throw your gloves in the washing machine—it’ll ruin them, especially if they’re leather. Just use a soft, damp cloth to wipe them down. For vinyl gloves, use warm water and a soft cloth. For leather gloves, use leather wipes. Tea tree or lavender oils can disinfect and deodorize them. And the easiest way to keep them from smelling? Air them out after every session and wear inner gloves and hand wraps.

Do You Require Boxing Hand Wraps?

Hand wraps are essential to stabilize your hands and wrists to prevent injuries. Never do sparring or punching workouts without them—they add extra padding to protect your knuckles from direct hits.

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